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Merrion Solutions

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    90% Capital Protected Absolute Return Bd 4

    The 90% Capital Protected Absolute Return Bond 4 is an investment offering 90% capital protection with the performance linked to an equally weighted portfolio of 3 leading international Absolute Return Funds. read more +
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    Merrion 3 Year Kick Out Bond 5

    The 3 Year Kick Out Bond 5 offers accelerated potential investment returns and is suitable for investors seeking the potential for capital growth. The performance of the bond is linked to 3 large companies and is autocallable at 3 monthly intervals. read more +
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    Merrion Guaranteed Income Bond 2

    The Guaranteed Income Bond is an Investment Solution designed for investors seeking an elevated level of fixed investment income. Investors will receive a fixed annual return of 4% per annum, irrespective of market performance. read more +



Merrion Solutions is a division of Merrion Stockbrokers Limited developed with the needs and objectives of Financial Brokers at the forefront of everything we do. There are two strands to the business:

  • We have developed a new and innovative Structured Investments business. This business will provide Investment Solutions that empower Financial Brokers and their clients in navigating a course from deposits back to normal investment portfolio construction.


Merrion Solutions